Blogroll: Dave Hill

July 15, 2009

One of the handful of sites I visit every day. As it says on his Guardian profile:

Dave Hill is a novelist, blogger, occasional broadcaster and long-standing writer for the Guardian.

Dave keeps his ear to the ground and provides fair comment on a range of issues – particularly, of course, the day to day tribulations of mayor Boris Johnson and his diminishing team. But the blog is not just a political getto – it includes insights and comments on London life from a very warm and human perspective. I suspect the subject of chicken feed will feature a lot this week!


My Blogroll:

March 4, 2009

Obviously its mainly about Bangkok. Its focus is on almost exactly the things that interest me including: is the best and most authoritative source of information about the Gem Scam. Please read this section if you are ever planning a holiday to Bangkok! The associated forum is pretty good too.  

Run by Ron Morris, an expat running a translation agency among other things.

My Blogroll – Strange Maps

February 18, 2009

I don’t visit this site every day – far from it – but every time I do it has me hooked and fascinated. Strange Maps does what it says on the box – it is a blog of strange and wonderful maps!

Nobody involved in transport or interested in geography can fail to love this site.

My Blogroll – Diamond Geezer

January 21, 2009

I am going to start posting links that I find invaluable or fascinating. But rather than simply slapping in a number of links, I will introduce them one by one and explain why I love them. Starting with today’s Diamond Geezer blog.  This is the only blog I visit every day, and here’s why:

Diamond Geezer posts almost every day. Every post is well written and interesting. He puts in real effort, which is why this is increasingly recognised as the best London focused blog. His fascination for London, and particularly its hidden depths and places, is infectious.

Every so often Diamond Geezer visits a Random London Borough. This month its Croydon. Imagine: this guy actually treks out to New Addington in January so that you don’t have to!  But if you read his blog, you may want to at least make a flying visit.

His other interests include the Olympics, London buses and the railways of London, as well as apparently unrelated issues such as Top 10 Records. Every so often he does something eccentric like trying to follow the Greenwich Meridian through London as closely as possible. He keeps a close and positive watch on the Olympic Park.

Oh, and all of his visits are made by foot or public transport.

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