HS2 Fact Checker

I’ve decided to resuscitate my blog and spend a bit of time and effort addressing some of the claims made by opponents to HS2.

Why? I think for these reasons:

  • I have a vested interest in seeing HS2 built. I have worked in and for the rail industry for over 30 years. I believe passionately in rail as a sustainable mode of mass transport for passengers and goods. I believe that to grow our economy we need to continue to transport goods, possibly over longer distances. I believe that demand for travel by rail will continue to grow for some time yet. I don’t want rail travel to become the exclusive privilege of the rich.
  • I have a vested interest in the environment. As an environmental scientist and countryside enthusiast I oppose any increase in unsustainable car traffic. I think railways can be highly sustainable. I also believe that the impact of rail corridors on the environment can even be positive, and is a lot better than a road or airport. Not least, roads attract blight and ugly development in the countryside at every junction. Stations attract sustainable growth and regeneration in city centres.
  • Iwant to see our economy grow sustainably. As an environmental scientist I understand the argument that any growth is unsustainable, and that people should not travel – I just don’t happen to agree.
  • I’m a bit of a numbers man. Sometimes I dream spreadsheets! I hate it when people throw data around without any evidence or support. People pay me to carry out research and produce reports.


If you find any errors in my calculations, please let me know and I will correct them. If you disagree with an assumption, please leave a comment.

I work for a company that may benefit from investment in HS2, as will most businesses in the UK. I don’t support HS2 because I work for a company that develops sustainable infrastructure. I work for this company because it is one of many that delivers the projects I believe in.

Once again, the views on this blog are mine, and not necessarily those of my employer.


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