I am Ian Brooker. I work for WSP Group heading up their Rail Planning services. WSP Group is the UK’s Number 1 Transport Planning consultancy according to New Civil Engineer. If youv’e got a transport problem, we can probably help you! However, any views expressed on this blog are mine and not necessarily those of my employer.  You will find out the business gen on me by clicking on the LinkedIn link on the right.

I am fascinated by the industry I work in. Transport in its broadest sense is at the centre of our lives and our economy. Often seen as a problem, transport is also liberating and generates wealth. I am proud that my career has focused on the more sustainable modes of transport – particularly rail. That seems to be a satisfactory follow on from my degree in Environmental Sciences.

I spent two years in Thailand, which is still a country I love and visit as much as possible. Back in the UK I enjoy bird watching, I love London, but I also love the countryside. I am enthusiastic about good architecture, modern or not. I am a member of the National Trust, RSPB, and WWT. I am probably an outdoor person. I enjoy a wide range of music from rock to classical. My son is introducing me to the finer points of screamo.

I think this blog will be a mix of postings about transport and postings about my own experiences in the transport industry. I think i will probably have to find another outlet for my obsession with Thailand!


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