Prius Update

I am getting to grips with its complexities! Squeezing extra miles per gallon needs a bit of skill. There is an Eco Power setting which helps. It also helps to put the car in Park even at traffic lights, and to release the throttle when you reach your desired speed before then easing back to keep the speed up. All of these save fuel.

I have done a few long drives over the last fews days: Crawley – Altrincham – Immingham – Crawley. I monitored fuel consumption per journey and per tank of petrol. The two long motorway trips produced indicated consumption of 64mpg to Altrincham and 61mpg from Immingham.

Fuel consumption for my first tank full of petrol was an indicated 58.8mpg. However, I double checked this manually when I refilled the tank and I made it 55.8mpg. So the rumour that this model over estimates mpg seems to me to be correct. However, if I can achieve at least 55.8mpg on a regular basis, I will be very happy!


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