New CBI Report on Road Congestion

I have just skimmed the new CBI report, “Tackling congestion, driving growth. A new approach to roads policy.”

The first thing I always do when a new transport report comes out is apply the Brooker Test: search for the word “freight” (also “goods”, “deliveries”, etc.).  Not too bad: freight is mentioned 7 times in 32 pages. But every mention is simply saying that freight is affected by congestion on roads. Apparently the CBI does not think that freight is either a cause of the problem or a part of the solution.

In fact the CBI’s solutions are very limited:

  • Flexible working to reduce peak hour traffic
  • Build more roads
  • Change the way roads are managed (mainly by selling them off – presumably to CBI members)

When a key transport report cites, extensively, the success of 18th century turnpike roads as a reason to change the way roads are managed and built, I have to despair.

Pretty disappointing as in the past the CBI have been quite good on transport.


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