Crawley Fastway

I live 200 metres from a section of guided busway used by Crawley’s Fastway service. In fact, I am sufficiently geeky that this was one of the things thast attracted me to live where I do.

Fastway is a network of three routes running in the Crawley / Gatwick / Horley areas. Services are reasonably frequent, and the buses are very modern and comfortable. Most of the bus stops have real time information systems, and all of the buses are tracked by GPS and can be followed in the web. The service is a success.

I will make further posts about Fastway. Not least, the intriguing question for transport planners:   “What’s the point of guided busways?” So far, I have to say that my answer is “There’s no point!”. I will also post some pictures of what I believe must be the shortest section of guided busway in the world. You’ve got to see it to believe it!


One Response to Crawley Fastway

  1. Brynley says:

    Frequent, comfortable and reliable buses are very welcome.

    It is hard to see what the kerb guidance brings to the party.

    If the problem is road congestion, then busways may do a job along with other priority measures, but kerb guidance, as you say, what is it for? Does anyone know?

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